Available Puppies

Carefully bred puppies are offered for sale from 11 weeks, and are available only to suitable responsible homes. They are NOT sold for breeding and the expectation is that they will remain loved family pets for their lifetime, to this end they are sterilized to prevent random breeding to supply the backyard industry. All pups sold in Australia are sold with a Purchasing Agreement, pedigrees will only be transferred on receipt of the signed Purchasing Agreement. All pups are sold outright with a Limited Registered pedigree, and will not be upgraded. We prefer to breed colourds and this is reflected in the breeding program, we do have whites occaisionally. Regardless of colour, all pups are BAER tested. Puppies leave vaccinated with C7 for 12 months along with a comprehensive Puppy Pack. Breeder/Purchaser will receive 4kg pack top quality food from Royal Canin upon application/registration. We must emphasise that optimum results are much harder to obtain if our advice is ignored/disregarded, you must take into consideration that the dog will need socialisation and training, this is not something they do on their own. What you put in from the start, is what you receive in return. You need to teach your dog to be the dog you want. Our dogs and our cat are fed exclusively with Royal Canin, baby puppies are fed Royal Canin from weaning. Documentation verifying vaccinations, microchip implant, BAER (hearing) testing, Health and Sterilization Certificate are provided to new owners. Be aware of the breed you are inquiring after, Bull Terriers are not a "type" of Bull Terrier, other breeds with bull terrier in their official names are not varieties of the Bull Terrier, they are entirely different breeds. "Australian type", "American type" "Roman nose" "Banana nose" and "standard" do not exist (Bull Terriers can be any weight and any size). THERE IS ONLY ONE BULL TERRIER. ANKC rules demand that all pups from a litter are microchipped and their details submitted for pedigree registration. In South Australia the breeder must transfer the pedigree, it is then sent directly to the new owner by Dogs SA. Our pups are not sold via sms or email. A phone call to me is necessary to introduce yourself as an intended Bull Terrier owner and to receive updates and photographs. EOI by phone call only. Please note: blocked numbers are blocked on my phone. Puppies are not available for viewing until after first vaccination. Deposits are not taken until after vaccination and health check. Inquiries via text or emails will be ignored.