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Young girl holding puppy Our aim is to breed typey, active Bull Terriers with a zest for life. To this end we hope to place them into homes where they will live as family members for their lifetime. The breeding programme is limited to my available commitment of time, work and money. Perception is that breeding dogs is "money for jam", but breeding COSTS money, it doesn't make money. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN UNREGISTERED (BACKYARD) LITTERS AND REGISTERED LITTERS: The puppies do not have official pedigrees. The breeder is not a member of their State ANKC affiliate. "Registered breeder" does not mean registered with their local council! "Australian type, American type" do not exist. Usually pups are not microchipped. Registered breeders will have a Certified Pedigree for the pup of your choice that will be transferred to your name. You take the breeders' word that they are purebred. They may well not be. (DNA testing is now available) Breeding a pedigree Bull Terrier with a pedigree dog from a different breed does not result in "pedigree" pups. They are mongrels. They often leave their litter mates and their mother very young - 4-7 weeks. They leave unvaccinated, not microchipped, but sometimes advertised as "vet checked". (Vets can and will supply certificates for pups they have checked). Hopefully they won't get Parvo before you vaccinate them. IF they are weaned, they are weaned on a cheap diet inadequate for their needs. IF they are wormed it is usually only once. Worm eggs left behind will hatch and become worms. It will cost money to vaccinate, microchip, worm and pay for basics that Registered Breeders do as a matter of course. You will probably end up paying the same as you would for a pedigreed puppy. And you will probably not have what you thought you paid for. Emptor Caveat - Buyer Beware! Dogs SA member 5100008621. Please contact DogsSA on email: info@dogssa.com.au to verify my membership ANKC registered breeder since 1969.